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Start Here, Go Anywhere

Our world has seen drastic changes in the last 20 years, and higher education is no different. Gone are the days when obtaining a college degree is one set path. Today, your journey can be as unique as you are—and more affordable than ever before.

University Transfer Degrees

In 2022, Moraine Park was approved by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents to offer Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) liberal arts degrees. This collaboration has been long desired by Moraine Park and other technical colleges in the Wisconsin Tech College System (WTCS), as it offers a clear pathway for those with associate degrees to seamlessly continue education at a four-year partner institution with a confirmed junior status.

“Starting at Moraine Park allows students to complete their general studies for a fraction of the cost, with smaller class sizes, extensive student support and guaranteed transfer credits to one of our partner schools,” Dr. Fred Rice, associate vice president of academics at Moraine Park, said. “The liberal arts coursework in these degrees is designed to deepen a student’s ability to think creatively and critically, increase their understanding in a wide range of subjects, broaden their perspective and enhance their communication skills. The cost-friendly value of getting this education at Moraine Park, along with updated campuses, smaller student/teacher ratios and classes available online, makes this a great local option for students and their families.”

Articulation Agreements

Locally, Moraine Park has signed agreements with Lakeland University, UW-Green Bay, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Oshkosh. In June, the College finalized its 20th program-specific university transfer agreement, and there are approximately 19 more in the works, including collaborations to develop pre-major emphases.

“In today’s economy, employers are increasingly looking for employees with strong critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills,” Dr. Rice said. “A liberal arts education can help students develop these skills and become more marketable to employers, as well as making it easier for them to continue their education at a four-year university.”

Students who elect to pursue an associate degree at Moraine Park as the first step of their education will save thousands annually compared to a private or public four-year college. The College began offering AA and AS liberal arts degrees (University Transfer Degrees) in the fall of 2022, and more than 50 students have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Riley Hebein—MPTC to UW-Stevens Point

Riley Hebein of Port Washington is taking full advantage of Moraine Park’s associate of arts transfer degree program. Come spring 2024, he will be part of one of the program’s first graduating classes.

“I chose to come to Moraine Park because I felt it would be the best and most affordable education I could get,” Hebein said, “I also knew it would be a great place to complete my initial studies.”

Hebein attends classes on the West Bend Campus. Upon his graduation from Moraine Park, he plans to transfer to UW-Stevens Point to earn his bachelor’s degree in marketing.

“This transfer degree program is right for me because it is allowing me to ease into my college career and ultimately obtain my bachelor’s degree.”

After graduating from Moraine Park and UW-Stevens Point, Hebein’s long-term goal is to work in sports marketing for the NFL.

October 18th, 2023by Emilie Thielen