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    substance abuse counseling


      Video: Substance Abuse Counseling

      Program Number: 10-550-1
      School Year: 2019-2020
      Associate of Applied Science Degree
      Campus: Fond du Lac
      This program is eligible for financial aid

      Program Description

      Moraine Park’s Substance Abuse Counseling associate of applied science degree provides the foundational knowledge, skills and practical experience to prepare students to counsel and treat clients with substance use disorders. The program meets all educational requirements for counselor certification and prepares them for counselor certification examination. Upon completion of the associate degree in Substance Abuse Counseling, students are awarded 500 hours for being an approved program and an additional 468 hours of clinical experience for a total of 968 hours towards the required 4,000 hours of clinical experience needed for counselor certification as a Substance Abuse Counselor with the Department of Safety and Professional Services of the State of Wisconsin.

      Graduates find employment as alcohol and other drug abuse associates/counselors. The associate of applied science degree meets the educational requirements for certification with the Department of Safety and Professional Services of the State of Wisconsin. Individuals in this Substance Abuse Counseling profession work with clients and their families to develop new lifestyles and coping methods for resolving personal conflicts without turning to alcohol and drugs for solutions.

      Listening, negotiating, planning, writing and counseling skills and the ability to assist others are important personal attributes of Substance Abuse Counseling professionals.

      Statewide Median Salary for Recent Graduates

      • $37,437

      Approximate Costs

      • $134.20 per credit (resident)
      • $201.30 per credit (out-of-state resident)
      • Online students are not charged out-of-state fees.
      • Please refer to the MPTC Student Handbook for additional enrollment fee information.

      Program Outcomes

      • Critically evaluate for substance use disorders and treatment needs.
      • Develop treatment plans.
      • Facilitate referral to meet needs.
      • Demonstrate service coordination skills.
      • Demonstrate counseling skills with individuals, groups and families.
      • Provide education relevant to substance use.
      • Maintain clinical records according to agency, federal and state guidelines.
      • Adhere to accepted culturally competent, ethical and behavioral conduct.

      Career Opportunities

      • Substance Abuse Counselor (in training)
      • House Manager CBRF
      • Project Coordinator/County Substance Abuse Council
      • Substance Abuse Intake Worker
      • Crisis Worker
      • Relief Worker
      • Counselor Aide
      • Human Service Worker
      • Case Manager

      Admission Process

      1. Visit the Admissions Page for details
      2. In addition to standard admissions, this program also has:
        1. Criminal Background Check   


      Semester 1
      103-159**Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office1
      550-106Physiological Complications and Psychopharmacology3
      550-112Client Rights, Confidentiality and Ethics3
      550-125Counseling Skills and Practice3
      801-136English Composition 13
      809-198Introduction to Psychology3
      890-101**College 1012
      Semester 2
      550-121Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment4
      550-140Counseling Theory and Practice3
      550-141Group Facilitation3
      550-142Introduction to Community Mental Health3
      801-1xxCommunication Course3
      Semester 3
      550-131Crisis Management2
      550-135Diversity in Counseling3
      550-150Family Systems3
      804-1xxMathematics Course3
       - OR - 
      806-1xxScience Course3
      809-1xxBehavioral Science Course3
      Semester 4
      550-155Substance Abuse Counseling Internship Seminar3
      550-156Substance Abuse Counseling Internship 14
      550-157Substance Abuse Counseling Internship 24
      550-161Motivational Interviewing3
      809-1xxSocial Science Course3
      Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements65

      Institutional Requirements

      ** The credits for 103-159 Computer Literacy-Microsoft Office and 890-101 College 101 are Institutional Requirements for graduation.

      Program Guide

      For additional information on program curriculum, prerequisites and general education course options, please contact your advisor.

      Transfer Opportunities

      Check out the Credit Transfers page for more information.

      Additional Information

      *Enrollment may limit the campus availability or delivery of certain courses.

      For co-curricular activities and opportunities related to this program/certificate, click here.