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industrial mechanical technician


    Program Number: 10-462-1
    School Year: 2019-2020
    Associate of Applied Science Degree
    Campus: Fond du Lac
    This program is eligible for financial aid

    Program Description

    Always in demand, Industrial Mechanical Technicians are required to operate, repair, and maintain machinery and equipment in an industrial environment. Students will be introduced to industrial mechanical maintenance utilizing both classroom and lab experiences, including metal fabrication, machining, materials science, refrigeration, hydraulics, lubrication, pipefitting, welding, graphics, and electrical controls. Students will also learn concepts of component selection, power transmission application, repair and replacement of failed components, alignment, failure analysis, and preventative and predictive maintenance techniques. Successful graduates will be well prepared for an entry-level position in industrial maintenance, entrance into a skilled trade, or the opportunity to enhance a skilled trade with an associated degree.

    Statewide Median Salary for Recent Graduates

    • $42,116

    Approximate Costs

    • $136.50 per credit (resident)
    • $204.75 per credit (out-of-state resident)
    • Online students are not charged out-of-state fees.
    • Please refer to the MPTC Student Handbook for additional enrollment fee information.

    Program Outcomes

    • Demonstrate safe work procedures
    • Install industrial equipment and systems
    • Maintain industrial equipment and systems
    • Troubleshoot industrial equipment and systems
    • Repair industrial equipment and systems
    • Communicate technical information

    Career Opportunities

    • Laborer
    • Maintenance Mechanic
    • Machine Tool Technician
    • Welding
    • Industrial Mechanic

    Industrial Mechanical Technician Technical Studies Course Options

    Additional Technical Studies credits in Semesters 3 and 4 can be chosen from courses in these programs:

    • Mechanical Design
    • Process Engineering
    • Water Quality
    • HVAC
    • Industrial Mechanical Technician/Electromechanial 

    Please see the academic advisor for specific courses.

    Admission Process

    Visit the Admissions Page for details


    Number Title Crs
    Semester 1
    103-159 **Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office 1
    620-101 DC Circuits 3
    620-102 AC Circuits 3
    801-136 English Composition 1 3
    804-195 College Algebra With Applications 3
    890-101 **College 101 2
    Total 15
    Semester 2
    620-103 Semiconductor Devices 3
    620-104 Digital Electronics 3
    620-115 ***AC-DC Machinery and Motor Controls 4
    804-196 Trigonometry with Applications 3
    809-1xx Behavioral Science Course 3
    Total 16
    Semester 3
    413-105 National Electrical Code for Maintenance 3
    462-108 Interpreting Engineering Drawings 2
    462-109 Industrial Motor Controls and Troubleshooting 3
    620-105 Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics 1 2
    6 Additional Technical Studies Credits
    Total 16
    Semester 4
    462-110 Industrial Fluid Distribution Systems 1
    620-106 Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics 2 3
    6 Additional Technical Studies Credits
    801-197 Technical Reporting 3
    809-1xx Social Science Course 3
    Total 16
    Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements 63

    Institutional Requirements

    ** The credits for 103-159 Computer Literacy-Microsoft Office and 890-101 College 101 are Institutional Requirements for graduation.

    Transfer Opportunities

    Check out the Credit Transfers page for more information.

    Additional Information

    *Enrollment may limit the campus availability or delivery of certain courses.

    ***Students will obtain OSHA 10 certification thru completion of the AC-DC Machinery and Motor Controls course (620-115).

    For co-curricular activities and opportunities related to this program/certificate, click here.