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Welcome High School Staff!

The resources and information below will serve as a helpful tool as you build Career Pathways in your high school.

Building Programs of Study for your school? The WI Career Pathways Web site is the best resource for you to develop Career Pathways for students in your high school. Students can also build Programs of Study on the new student site. Please visit the WI Career Pathways Web site today to get started!

If this is your first time on the site, please contact our K-12 Partnership Coordinator or by phone at 920-887-4488 to be issued a user name and password.

Transcripted Credit Grading Policy

Transcripted Credit Grading Policy

Transcripted Credit Request Process

View the
MPTC Articulation Reference Guide to get started. This guide will provide you detailed information on the Career Prep articulation process.

Step 1: Determine Courses to Articulate

View the list of MPTC courses that have been transcripted in the past. This list is a guide, but is not intended to limit the possibilities of courses that could transcript. You can also view the curriculum of the course (s) you are interested in, in addition to the Clusters and Pathways Guide.

Step 2: Submit a Transcripted Credit Request

The request form gives us some details about you and the course(s) you wish to transcript. You will be able to specify the MPTC course you think is a good match.

Step 3: Next Steps

After you submit the form above, the K-12 Partnership Coordinator will contact you to discuss your request. After MPTC and your High School have agreed upon the transcripted credit course, the next steps are:

  • Complete the MPTC Career Prep Transcripted Credit Instructor Application
  • Determine when you will offer the course and how many sections will be offered.
  • Submit the required MPTC Transcripted Credit Articulation Agreement annually. This agreement will be sent to you during the second semester of each year.

Please contact our K-12 Partnership Coordinator, at K12@morainepark.edu or 920-887-4488 for additional questions.