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Personal Enrichment

Are you looking for opportunities to pursue passions and grow personally? Our Personal Enrichment classes offer you the opportunity to take meaningful and rewarding classes developed around special interests and hobbies.

What is your interest?

Check out the classes that are offered in the categories below. Continuing education classes allow you the opportunity to be a lifelong learner in an environment that suits your needs!

"Computers" Image for Personal Enrichment with a girl on an iPad
Crafts and Recreation Image for Personal Enrichment with a man painting
Culinary Image for Personal Enrichment with an individual rolling out bread dough
Health and Wellness Image for Personal Enrichment with a woman doing a yoga pose
Personal Enrichment image for Motorcycle and Scooter with an image of a view riding a motorcycle on a wooded path
Personal Finance Image for Personal Enrichment with Individual looking at budget paperwork and using a calculator

Online Options

Looking to take Personal Enrichment or Professional Development classes from the comfort of your home or office? Our online class options provide you with a wide range of interesting classes to teach new skills from photography to learning a new language. Learn more and view course options here!

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