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Funeral Director Recertification

Moraine Park Technical College Beaver Dam Campus provides a comprehensive package of continuing education hours to meet the State of Wisconsin licensing requirements for Funeral Directors.

Fifteen hours of continuing education are offered every year during the two-year window that funeral directors are required to complete their continuing education. An additional 7.5 hours are offered in Fall of the 2nd certification year to help funeral directors who may need additional hours to meet the licensing requirements.

All topics available are in hourly units in categories approved by the Licensing Board of Wisconsin. The schedule of topics is designed to allow funeral directors to finish their continuing education requirements in one year, over two years, or to pick up additional hours to meet the 15 hour requirement. The schedule is as follows:

Year One

Spring: one day, 7.5 hours
Summer: two days, 15 hours (combination of the spring and fall topics)
December: one day, 7.5 hours (different topic than spring session)

Year Two

Same schedule as Year One with the addition of 7.5 hours offered in Fall (topic is a duplication of either spring or December offering.)

To view our current class schedule click here.

For more information contact us at 262-335-5825.