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Identity Tapestry


Original Artist: Mary Corey March

An Identity Tapestry is both a portrait of the community and each participant. It gives new insight into ourselves and the people we see around us every day, opening our minds to reflection and healing.

The Moraine Park family and extended community are invited to participate in the College’s Identity Tapestry by weaving aspects of their life and lived experiences into the art piece.
Help us define and display the many identities that makeup Moraine Park.
  1. Choose a floss color.
  2. Wrap it around the dowels that represent your identity or life experiences.
  3. Notice and reflect upon the intersections between the people and patterns in the weaving.
The Moraine Park Identity Tapestry helps us share the story of our community and its shared experiences in this time and place.
Thank you for helping us fulfill part of the College’s strategic plan through this interactive project.