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Personal PC Issues connecting to myMPTC Self-Service

If you are able to login to myMPTC but unable to connect to any of the myMPTC self-service links, there may be an issue with your firewall or security software preventing this connection to take place. When this happens, you may experience a “Page cannot be displayed” error or be prompted for login information (User Id and PIN).

Here are some common things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Delete Browser Cache

Try deleting your Temporary Internet Files, i.e. your browser cache.

  • In Internet Explorer, this is done by clicking
    Tools -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Delete…
  • In Chrome, this is done by clicking
    Settings -> Tools -> Clear Browsing Data
  • In Firefox this is done by clicking
    Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network Tab -> Clear Now

2. Modify Security Suite Settings

If you temporarily shut down your anti-virus software and the links start working, there may be an issue with your security settings being set too aggressive. You will need to experiment with these settings to be able to connect to self-service as well as maintain acceptable anti-malware protection.

3. Modify Firewall Settings

If your laptop works while on campus, but not at home or your place of business, there may be an issue with your network or corporate network firewall. These are the most difficult to troubleshoot since you may not have access to change any settings at all.

4. Modify “Internet” Settings

If your operating system is Windows, your Internet Settings affects connectivity as well. You may need to lower your security level for the Internet Zone (Security Tab) to medium. Alternatively, you could add *.morainepark.edu to the Trusted Sites list and make the same change to the Trusted Sites Zone instead. Multiple settings on the Advanced Tab (security section) may also affect your connectivity. Also, your browser must be able to accept cookies well as run JavaScript.

5. Modify Browser Settings

Individual browser settings may have an effect as well.

For instance, if using Google Chrome, disabling DNS prefetching may resolve some connectivity issues. This is done by unchecking “Predict network actions…” under Advanced Settings.

Still doesn’t work?

If you have tried the above troubleshooting options without success, your Banner PIN may need to be reset. This is done by opening up a Technology Help Line ticket by calling extension 4357 (on campus) or at 920-924-3481 (off campus).