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How do I open a myMPTC account?

To be able to view your classes and grades, pay your tuition balance and much more, you need to open a portal account. Please follow the instructions below to open your account. If you just registered, you have to wait 20-30 minutes before you can open an account.

1. Make sure you’re eligible to open your account

Please review the eligibility requirements (Most students are eligible).

2. Make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements.

Unless you have an older PC or if you’re only using MPTC computers, you may skip this step.

3. Go to http://www.morainepark.edu and click on the myMPTC/Login button

myMPTC/Login Button

4. On the Welcome login page, click the “Open Account” link at the bottom right of the login form.

Login Form

5. Read the College’s Acceptable Use Policy, scroll to the end and click on I Agree. Enter your personal information in each field of the three screens that follow and click on Next at the bottom of each screen.
This is where you will create your myMPTC pin and password.
Your user id will be at the bottom of the screen after successful set up.
NOTE: Remember your user id, password, pin# and student ID (Example: N00000000).

IMPORTANT: You will need to make sure you remember the information you provided on the forms. Your user id and network password are used to log into the network, as well as myMPTC. If you forget your password you will need to provide your secret Question and Answer to reset it.

Log into myMPTC by clicking on the “Current Student” link on the public website homepage. Alternatively, click on the myMPTC logo. Use the user id (you were given) and MPTC password (that you chose) when asked to log in.