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How do I change my myMPTC password?

This help post assumes that you know your existing password, and that it has not expired. If this is not the case, please read the “I forgot my myMPTC password. How do I reset it?” post.

On Campus using a non-VDI College Computer

1. While logged into a non-VDI College computer, press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete”.
2. Click the “Change Password” button.
3. Type in your current and new password in the fields provided. (See list of complexity requirements, below)
4. Click OK.
5. You will receive a “Your password has been changed” message upon successful change.

Off Campus or using a Personal Computer or VDI

1a) Log into myMPTC. On the Home tab, click the Password Manager link in the “My Information” channel.
1b) Go to http://www.morainepark.edu/resetpassword
2. Answer all questions asked, such as username, secret questions & answers. If you have not yet set up your Password Manager profile, you will be asked to do so.
3. You will receive a success message upon successful change.

Password Complexity Requirements

  • Must be at least 8 characters long.
  • Cannot include any part of your username, first name, or last name.
  • Must meet three of the next four requirements:
    a. Must include at least one upper case letter.
    b. Must include at least one lower case letter.
    c. Must include at least one number.
    d. Must include at least one special character (with the exception of the $ or @ symbol).