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Graduation Rate

Full-Time Program Student:  A majority of Moraine Park Technical College students attend on a part-time basis; therefore, they are not included in this group or calculation. This report is made to comply with the Student Right to Know legislation, which shows the graduation rate of full-time associate of applied science degree and technical diploma program students. Students included in this calculation consist of first-time, full-time students. The calculation is based on students graduating within 150 percent of their program time frame, i.e., a two-year associate of applied science degree student would have three years to graduate and a one-year technical diploma student would have one and one-half years to graduate.

The following criterion is used in establishing the student group:

  • Associate of applied science degree or technical diploma program students
  • Full-time program students (12 or more credits)
  • Program students who started in the fall semester
  • Program students who have not previously taken a course at Moraine Park (first-time students)
Source: Federal IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System)
Collection Year Cohort Year Graduation Rate
2018-2019 2015 44%
2017-2018 2014 58%
2016-2017 2013 57%
2015-2016 2012 46%
2014-2015 2011 34%

Additional information is available by contacting the Registrar’s Office for a number and percentage breakdown for Moraine Park Technical College associate of applied science degree and technical diploma programs.