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Final Grade Appeal

The purpose of the final grade appeal process is to provide a vehicle and structure for students to appeal final course grades. The grade appeal procedure only applies to final grades and not individual graded assignments.

Faculty members have the authority to establish course requirements and standards of performance within the college’s established curriculum process. It is the responsibility of the faculty to articulate and communicate course requirements and grading standards to students at the beginning of each course via the syllabus. Instructors must apply all grading criteria uniformly and in a timely manner. Final grades submitted to the Registrar’s Office are presumed to be accurate and final.

All final grade appeals must be initiated by the student within thirty (30) calendar days of the grade being available via myMPTC.

Grounds for Final Grade Appeal

  • The assigned final course grade was based on reasons other than announced or established criteria and standards for the course.
  • The assignment of the grade was based on factors other than student’s achievement/performance (i.e., prejudice or discrimination).
  • Inconsistently applied standards for evaluation of student academic performance.
  • The instructor failed to notify students clearly and promptly of the criteria for grade determination.

Grades given as the result of academic dishonesty cannot be appealed under the grade appeal procedure but are made under the provisions of the Academic Student Conduct Code Process. If a student believes that the grade is based on unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, as defined in the College’s procedures, the student should proceed under the procedure for Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Policy.

Informal Process

If the student believes the final grade reported is inaccurate, the student must contact the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will verify the correct final grade. If an input error has occurred, the Registrar’s Office will enter the correct grade.

The student must complete the Final Grade Appeal form located on myMPTC Student to begin the appeal process. Final grade appeals should be resolved informally between the student and instructor. A student who believes he/she has been assigned an improper final grade must meet with the instructor and, together, review the grading procedures used to determine the grade assigned. This meeting may occur in different formats including face to face, online, by telephone or VC.

If the instructor cannot or refuses to take part in the informal process and if the student is still dissatisfied with their interactions, the student may initiate the Formal Grade Appeal Process.

Formal Process

Associate Dean/Dean:  Within 14 calendar days after meeting with the faculty member, the student may appeal to the Associate Dean/Dean. The Associate Dean/Dean is the person who is responsible for managing the particular course.

The student must provide, in writing, relevant evidence that supports the argument that the final grade was assigned meeting a criteria established in the Grounds for Final Grade Appeal section.

The Associate Dean/Dean will review the material submitted by the student. The Associate Dean/Dean will meet individually with the student and the faculty member, or they may choose to meet with them together, in an attempt to resolve the grade.

The Associate Dean/Dean will communicate, in writing, to the student the determination of the discussion(s) and determine if the submitted material meets criteria in the Grounds for Final Grade Appeal section. The faculty member will receive a copy of this communication. The Associate Dean/Dean will communicate the decision to the student within 14 calendar days.

Appeal to the Vice President – Academic Affairs:  Upon receipt of the decision of the Associate Dean/Dean, the student may appeal the decision to the Vice President – Academic Affairs within seven calendar days. The appeal must be in writing and address and provide relevant evidence that supports that the grade was issued meeting one of the criteria in the Grounds for Final Grade Appeal section.

The Vice President – Academic Affairs will review the information provided by the student, to determine if the information/documentation meets one of the criteria in the Grounds for Final Grade Appeal section. The Vice President – Academic Affairs will confer with the Associate Dean/Dean to gather information and rationale as to the decision(s) previously made. The Vice President – Academic Affairs will communicate the final decision to the student within 14 calendar days. The decision of the Vice President – Academic Affairs is final.