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You may be coming to Moraine Park already equipped with valuable skills and knowledge gained from previous life experience. Whether you’ve gained this foundation from prior work, military, volunteer, training or other life events, you may be eligible to receive college credit for it at Moraine Park.

But first, you must demonstrate what you’ve learned! Check out the following options to help you do this:


A Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) portfolio showcases your past experiences. We use this portfolio to see whether your experiences match the skills and knowledge of our course competency requirements. A submitted portfolio includes written reflections, artifacts and any supporting documents that demonstrate the mastery of course competencies.

Artifacts may include (but are not limited to):

  • Samples of work projects, products, reports or presentations you created
  • Performance appraisals
  • Certificates or awards
  • Job description
  • Letters of verification from supervisors, detailing the mastery of the competencies
  • Narrated videos of you performing the skills
  • Workshops, seminars or trainings (Note: For each training, workshop or seminar attended, you must submit documentation outlining the name and date of the event, as well as a document detailing the content of the training – agendas, outlines, handouts, etc.).


A Credit for Prior Learning skill demonstration consists of demonstrating the mastery of course competencies.


Credit for Prior Learning generally requires a minimum of two (2) years related experience.

Students must successfully complete six (6) undergraduate level credits at Moraine Park with a grade of C or better before CPL credit will be posted to academic record.

To be eligible, you need to enroll in a degree, diploma or certificate program at Moraine Park Technical College.

You must take a minimum of 25 percent of your total required program credits at Moraine Park.


To learn more about skill demonstrations or submitting portfolios, get in touch with our Credit for Prior Learning Specialist at cpl@morainepark.edu.