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Criminal Background Check

Once you have submitted your program application, you will receive an email with directions on completing your background check through our 3rd party vendor, CastleBranch. Please read through the FAQ’s carefully.

Criminal Background Check FAQ’s

When completing the State of Wisconsin Background Disclosure (BID) failure to disclose or list any incidents may result in forfeiture or other sanctions by the State of Wisconsin. 

Non-disclosure of an incident may also result in an automatic denial by healthcare/human services clinical sites. (On the background disclosure form you are asked if you have had any pending criminal charges, past charges and/or convictions which may include federal, state, local or municipal laws or statute violations.) This includes expunged/dismissed charges and charges as a minor. If you are uncertain on how to respond to the crime disclosure question, please contact backgroundcheck@morainepark.edu for assistance.

 Students currently in confined custody or on probation:

  • Will not be allowed to enter into any MPTC program or standalone course that requires a Criminal Background Check for Admissions per our clinical/human services facilities.

Students with a pending charge:

  • Must disclose this on their WI Background Information Disclosure (BID) form.
  • You may be conditionally accepted into your program and will need to submit documentation when the pending charge has been closed.

 Students with felony convictions will not be allowed to enter the following programs:

  • Criminal Justice Corrections
  • EMT – Paramedic or Paramedic Programs
  • Early Childhood Programs

Healthcare & Human Service Programs – Partial listing of offenses that may result in program denial:

  • Students with felony convictions (healthcare programs).
  • Students with theft convictions (including tickets for retail theft and worthless checks/tickets) may be denied if they are within the last five years.
  • Students with two or more misdemeanor convictions that are within the last five years may be denied.
  • Students with Disorderly Conduct – Battery or Domestic Abuse misdemeanor/convictions may be denied depending on the age of the conviction.
  • Students who DO NOT DISCLOSE underage drinking convictions and or DUI/OWI convictions as well as driving after revocation and suspension convictions (including traffic or non-traffic tickets) may be denied. Please note that there have been students denied clinical placement for these types of convictions.

All clinical decisions are final and are made by the healthcare/human service facilities not by Moraine Park Technical College. Thus there is no appeal process for the denial of a criminal background check.

Students with positive criminal background check findings that are approved for program admission and clinical placement may not have guaranteed participation in board or credentialing examining through external entities or future employment. Please contact the appropriate State of Wisconsin board of credentialing and examination for your specific program.