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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2018-2019

2018 Summer Semester (June 4 – August 10)

June 1 – July 27College Closed on Fridays
June 4 – June 223-Week Session
June 18 – August 108-Week Session
June 4 – August 1010-Week Session
June 20Fall Semester – Open Registration Begins
July 4Holiday – College Closed
August 1Fall Semester Tuition and Fees Due
August 6-10Book Buyback
August 10Rental Book Returns Due

2018 Fall Semester (August 27 – December 21)

August 27Start of Fall Semester and First 8 Weeks
September 3Holiday – College Closed
October 22End of First 8 Weeks
October 23No Classes
October 24Start of Second 8 Weeks
November 6-9Spring Semester – Returning Student Registration (priority, online only)
November 13-15Spring Semester – New Program, Pre-Core and Certificate Student Registration
November 21No Classes – College Closes at 6:00 pm
November 22-23Holiday – College Closed
December 4Spring Semester – Open Registration Begins
December 17-21Book Buyback
December 21Rental Book Returns Due
December 21End of Fall Semester and Second 8 Weeks
December 21College Closes at 6:00 pm
December 22-January 1College Closed for Winter Break

2019 Spring Semester (January 21-May 17)

January 4Spring Tuition and Fees Due
January 21Start of Spring Semester and Term 3
March 15End of Term 3
March 18-22Spring Break
March 25Start of Term 4
April 2-3Summer – Program Student Registration
April 4Summer – Open Registration Begins
April 16-18Fall Semester – Program Student Registration (priority, online only)
April 19Holiday – College Closed
April 23-25Fall Semester – New Program, Pre-Core and Certificate Student Registration
May 6Summer Tuition and Fees Due
May 13-17Book Buyback
May 17Rental Book Returns Due
May 17End of Spring Semester and Term 4
May 18Commencement – 10:00 a.m.

*Students may continually register once Open Registration begins. Semester (16 weeks) and (8 weeks) dates referenced above reflect commonly scheduled courses. Other courses may be offered at various scheduled times during the year.