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Admission & Registration

Whether you’re interested in taking a class or enrolling in a program, choose Moraine Park Technical College.

Enroll in a Program

Are you planning to complete an Associate Degree, Technical Diploma or Certificate?

Take a Class

Are you intending to take a class for professional development, personal interest, or learning a new skill?

Course Admissions

Moraine Park has an open course enrollment policy. Most courses are open to all students who complete prerequisite course requirements with passing grades or meet specific program admission requirements such as criminal background checks or requirements set by state statutes. Moraine Park has remedial and developmental courses to assist those students who do not have the prerequisite requirements.

Program Admissions

Program applications are accepted until the first day of each semester, for that start term.  There are some exceptions for programs or certificates that begin mid-semester.  An acceptance letter is issued once all admission requirements have been met.

High school students may apply for admission after July 1 following their junior year.

Students interested in adding or changing programs should consult with their advisor.

Program Availability – Waitlists

Some high-demand/limited-enrollment programs reach capacity based on the number of students who complete admission.  Applicants are accepted into limited-enrollment programs on a first-come, first-served basis and are admitted from program waitlists as space becomes available. If an opening becomes available before the start of a semester, the next waitlisted student is offered the spot. Students typically have up to a week to accept or decline. This timeframe is shorter closer to the start of the semester.

A waiting list may develop at any time and depends on the number of qualified applicants.

Waitlisted students have not been denied admission. It will delay their start until the next available semester.  Students are given that estimated start date upon acceptance.