AP (Advanced Placement) Exam

Advanced Placement Exams (AP)

You may be eligible for college credit by achieving an acceptable score on the nationally recognized Advanced Placement examination.

Submitting AP Exam Scores

If you have already completed an AP Exam, please send us your AP scores.  To be awarded credit, an official AP Score Report for Colleges needs to be sent to MPTC by the College Board.  Information on requesting official AP Score Reports from the College Board can be found here: Contact the College Board

Please note – student score reports can be submitted for review purposes, but cannot be used to award credit.

Getting MPTC Credit for AP Exam Scores

Below is the current list of AP Exam scores eligible for credit at MPTC.  A minimum score of “3” is needed to award MPTC Credit for an AP Exam.

AP Exam Title#             Moraine Park Course Credits
English Language & Composition 801-136 English Composition I 3
English Literature & Composition 801-136 English Composition I 3
Social Science
US Government and Politics 809-122 Intro to American Government 3
Psychology 809-198 Intro to Psychology 3
Macroeconomics 809-195  Economics 3
Microeconomics 809-195  Economics 3
US History Social Science Elective* 3
Comp Government and Politics Social Science Elective* 3
Human Geography Social Science Elective* 3
World History Social Science Elective* 3
European History Social Science Elective* 3
Science & Mathematics
Biology 806-114 General Biology 4
Calculus (AB or BC) 804-198 Calculus 4
Chemistry 806-134 General Chemistry 4
Environmental Science 806-122 Natural Science in Society 3
Statistics 804-189 Introduction to Statistics 3

*May fulfill a Social Science requirement in MPTC’s General Education core.  Dean approval required.

Contact MPTC’s CPL Specialist for more information:

920-924-3215, TTY/VP: Use Relay/VRS