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Wind Energy Technology

Experience high-level wind turbine training to prepare for a career in the renewable energy sector through the two-year Wind Energy Technology program.

As the wind energy industry continues to grow, employers are seeking skilled technicians for operation and maintenance activities in local wind farm settings. Moraine Park’s Wind Energy Technology program trains students in the latest trends and practices needed to become a successful wind turbine technician.

The Wind Energy Technology program is offered through Lakeshore Technical College (LTC), and students can also complete general studies courses and a number of core program courses at the Moraine Park campus. Wind Energy Technology program courses are held at LTC. For more information, please visit the  Lakeshore Technical College Wind Energy Technology page.

What You’ll Learn

Through interactive classes led by highly skilled wind professionals, students learn how to install, test, service, and repair wind turbine components and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems Students also learn how to apply safety practices required on the job and teach safe wind turbine climbing skills.

Wind Energy Technology Program Details

Program Courses

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Career Pathways

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High School Dual Credit

Credit for Prior Learning