Plumbing and POWTS Continuing Education

Classes offered in January, February and March.

All course have been approved by the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and meet the requirements for fulfilling required continuing education credits. Continuing education must be fulfilled by March 31 to renew your credential. Courses are instructed by the Department Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) staff. Please remember to bring your code books along and take advantage of creating your own notes right where you need them.

Courses available include:

Wastewater Hold/Treatment Device

CCC Assembly Requirements included. This class will cover minimum sizing requirements for interior and exterior grease interceptors, car wash interceptors, dilution and neutralization basins, commercial laundries, and special wastewater or mixed wastewater treatment devices. Also, the installation requirements of these devices. The last portion of this class will cover the installation requirements of cross connection control assemblies; labeling, plan review requirements, installation minimums, as well as minimum program requirements. three hours of continuing education credit for MP, JP, UDC-PLG INSP, & COMM PLG INSP.


Indirect and Local Waste

Discharge Points and Receptors topics included. This class will cover the minimum requirements of indirect and local waste piping. Where required, sizing, trapping, etc., include T & P relief discharge and water treatment devices. Will cover acceptable discharge points of SPS 382.38 along with Table 382.38-1. Included in this class will be receptors and their sizing as well as acceptable usage of a fixture as a receptor. 3 hours of continuing education credit for MP, JP, MPRA, JPRA, UDC-PLG INSP, & COMM PLG INSP.


For more information, please call Laurie Barz at 262-335-5828.

To register, call 1-800-472-4554 or 920-924-3207