Certified Soil Tester

Classes are offered in January, February and March.

Soil and Site Evaluation training for POWTS Professionals –These courses are designer as refreshers for credentialed POWTS professional or as preparation for taking the Certified Soil Tester exam. DSPS credential categories for CEUs include: CST, POWTS Inspector, POWTS Maintainer, Master/Journeyman Plumber, and Master/Journeyman Plumber-RS.

Introduction to Onsite Waste Water Treatment & SPS 383/385 (CEU: 3 Hours)

The first portion of this session will be a general introduction to onsite wastewater treatment. It will include an overview of onsite applications and techniques, a description of wastewater characteristics, and a discussion of the role of soil in treating wastewater. The second portion will cover administrative rules from SPS 383 and SPS 385 (Wisconsin Administrative Code) that pertain to soil and site evaluations. The session will conclude with a summary of a soil and site evaluator’s responsibilities in Wisconsin.


Soil Fundamentals (CEU: 3 Hours)

The objective of this session will be to provide the student with a basic understanding of the principles of soil genesis, morphology, and classification as they apply to the description and interpretation of soil profiles in relation to evaluating soil for wastewater treatment. The importance of recognizing genetic soil horizons and their properties will be stressed. Soil horizons as expressions of unique physical, chemical and biological processes will also be explained. The concluding portion of this session will present a phase view of soil as a composite interaction of solids, liquids and gases. The importance of this view with respect to wastewater treatment will be emphasized.


Describing and Interpreting Soil Profiles (CEU: 3 Hours)

This session will be a collection of hands-on activities to introduce techniques and standard documentation protocols for describing soil profiles. Topics will include necessary equipment, identifying soil horizons, estimating soil texture, documenting soil colors, evaluating soil structure and consistence, recognizing miscellaneous profile features, using standard description notation, and completing an SBD 8330 soil evaluation form. Explanations of how to interpret the descriptive features will also be provided.


Site Mapping Techniques & POWTS Design Rules/Principles (CEU: 3 Hours)

The importance of accurate site maps to avoid plan review and system installation problems will be the topic to begin this session. Basic field and drafting procedures for accurate mapping will be illustrated. The concluding part of this session will entail a summary of important POWTS design rules and principles that every CST should know to competently perform a soil and site evaluation.


Soil Testers: Field Practicum

This field practicum will be offered as a way of practically applying the concepts and techniques covered during the classroom sessions. Students will be challenged to describe soil profiles and to perform an actual soil and site evaluation. Instructional guidance will be available for all activities.  POWTS design. The possible role of an “individual site design” will also be explained. Several example problems will be provided for illustration.


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