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A planned gift is one that is made today and will be received by the Moraine Park Foundation in the future. The following planned giving opportunities are available:


This giving opportunity is popular because it provides estate tax benefits.

Charitable & Deferred Gift Annuities

This giving opportunity allows you to transfer cash or securities to the recipient of your gift for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This giving opportunity allows you to make a contribution of long term capital gain while retaining the trust’s income for a specific term or for life.

Charitable Lead Trust

This giving opportunity provides a gift of income interest from assets for a set length of time. After expiration, the gift reverts to the donor or passes to a beneficiary.


This giving opportunity allows you to combine life income with a gift to the MPTC Foundation. Unitrusts are an excellent way for you to increase income by converting low-income assets into high-income assets.

Life Insurance

This giving opportunity allows you to give paid policies to the MPTC Foundation. MPTC becomes the sole beneficiary and owner of the life insurance policy upon transfer.