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    How Can I Make An Impact?

    Spread awareness and buy fair-traded goods! These are the top ten items you should always consider buying fair trade.

    Fair Trade ApparelApparel
    Alta Gracia Apparel is not another self-anointed ‘socially responsible’ brand. It is the result of an unprecedented partnership of organizations with long-standing dedication to labor rights. Supporting Alta Gracia Apparel means job creation, living wages, benefits and education for workers and families who make these garments.

    Alta Gracia manufactures life-¬changing apparel in the Dominican Republic and sells “collegiate branded products” to the bookstore retail channel. What makes Alta Gracia unique is that they provide a living wage to all workers. A living wage is defined as the income necessary for a worker to meet all of their family’s basic needs.

    Fair Trade TeaTea
    Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages. They strive to grow the business with the same honesty and integrity they use to craft their recipes, with sustainability and great taste for all.

    In 2016 they paid $529,126 back to their tea and sugar sourcing communities in the form of Fair Trade premiums. These funds have helped to establish improved farming, healthcare and education initiatives.

    In 2016 they also purchased 24,216,926 pounds of organic ingredients, meaning they are grown without synthetic chemicals and pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or irradiation.

    Fair Trade CardsCards
    The mission at Good Paper is to restore the human spirit. To restore the humanity and beauty within each of us that gets so easily forgotten and tossed aside.

    We start with our cardmakers – women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda.

    It continues with you, sending one of our creations to a loved one, and in turn delivering … Delight. Encouragement. Joy. Hope. Can a card change a life? More than we ever imagined. Good Paper cards are changing a world. And you can join us.

    Fair Trade CofeeCoffee
    Door County’s Fair Trade Guatemalan wholebean medium roast coffee has some lovely smoky and spicy notes and is slightly acidic. Fair Trade Colombian is 100% Colombian. This wholebean coffee has a wonderfully rich aroma with a medium body and is considered very lively! The Fair Trade Mexican Decaf wholebean coffee is a medium roast with a bright, very crisp taste.

    Fair trade is an organized social movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trade conditions and sustainability. In addition, this certification assures that the farmer receives a higher wage for their coffee.

    Fair Trade ChocolateChocolate
    Owned by cocoa farmers. Made for chocolate lovers.

    Divine Chocolate is co-owned by the 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo, the cooperative in Ghana that supplies the cocoa for each bar of Divine. As owners, they get a share in the profits, a say in the company, and a voice in the global marketplace.

    Thank you for supporting Divine Chocolate’s efforts to make the world a place where chocolate is cherished by everyone, including the family farmers who grow the cocoa.