Innovation 2020

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Mission Statement

Preparing students for success in a diverse and globally connected world.

Vision Statement

A college of choice for students and a strategic partner for business and industry.

Strategic Priorities

Build a supportive culture to make us an employer of choice.


  • Demonstrate a collaborative and supportive culture.
  • Plan opportunities for employee development and retention and employee talent acquisition.
  • Foster a flexible workplace and encourage a healthy lifestyle and work/life balance.

Improve student success through innovative programming, delivery and services.


  • Foster opportunities for meaningful student engagement.
  • Create and sustain outstanding experiences throughout the student life cycle.
  • Develop innovative and integrated solutions to recruit and retain diverse target markets.
  • Create flexible learning and delivery models to improve student access, engagement and success.

Strengthen our K-16 and community connections.


  • Foster collaboration and connectivity among business partners, alumni, community agencies and Moraine Park to improve promotion, persistence and placement.
  • Create an inclusive learning environment throughout the K-16 community.
  • Increase the visibility of MPTC’s impact to the communities we serve.

Advance the efficient and effective use of technology.


  • Expand and sustain the use and understanding of available technology to the greater College community.
  • Advance emerging technologies to remain competitive and a technological leader.
  • Use technologies to support data-driven decision making.