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Environmental Scanning

Being proactive is the first step to ensure we meet the workforce demands of employers. Moraine Park conducts an ongoing, understandable environmental scanning process, which involves staff scanning and collecting trend information from a variety of print and electronic mediums in order to identify and assess developments, trends, and precursor events that may affect the strategic and operational objectives of the college. Information collected by our employees is submitted and analyzed to help determine key trend information.

The annual environmental scanning reports proactively define the opportunities, potential threats and areas of change impacting our institution, and is freely shared with staff and external organizations. Timely and actionable trend information assists us with determining short-term goals and the long-term strategic direction of our College.

Provided below is the Executive Summary of the 2018-2019 report. Please contact our office to request the full version of the report at mptcresearch@morainepark.edu.

View the 2018-2019 Environmental Scanning Report