• Individualized academic assessment and assistance
  • College coursework help
  • One-on-one or group tutoring sessions
  • Review and clarification of course concepts
  • Reinforcement of background skills needed for understanding a course
  • Suggestions for effective note taking/studying
  • Help improving reading speed and comprehension, writing, and math skills.
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams such as the Accuplacer, ACT, and SAT.

Access assistance through the Student Success Center:

  1. View a presentation.
  2. Complete an activity sheet.
  3. Complete a registration worksheet.
  4. Visit one of the SSC locations after you have completed these items.

*Adults who haven’t studied in the Student Success Center before or within the last 18 months need to attend a registration prior to studying in a center.

SSC Location and Center Hours

Request a tutor:

  1. Complete the online tutor request form.
  2. Please review the Expectations for Students Requesting a Tutor. When you complete the request form, you are indicating your agreement

*You will be contacted when a tutor is found for the course you requested. Every effort is made to find a match; however, it is not guaranteed.

Become a Tutor:

  1. Complete the tutor availability form
  2. Please read the Tutor Expectations. When you complete the tutor availability form, you are indicating your agreement.
  3. If a match is made, the Tutoring Services Specialist will contact you to meet with you, review the guidelines, and complete the payroll paperwork. Tutors are paid $9.50/hr.

For more information or to get connected to the service that will best meet your academic needs contact:
Michelle Duran