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TRIO Student Support Services

The EDGE program is a Student Support Services/TRIO program funded in part by a US Department of Education grant in the amount of $220,000 annually for 2015-2020.

Our Mission is to provide an individualized educational experience, ensuring student engagement and success.

The EDGE Program serves 140 MPTC students each year – are you eligible?

  • Neither parent earned a four-year degree AND/OR
  • Low income (EDGE staff can help you determine this) AND/OR
  • Documented disability

Check out our Brochure!

Apply for The EDGE Program now! РFill in, Print or Save as a PDF, and email your application to us!

Questions? Just Ask the EDGE staff at or 920-924-3165

The EDGE Services

  • Academic Advising
  • Cultural Events
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources
  • Goal Planning
  • Study Groups
  • Tutoring Services
  • Computer Skills
  • Transferring – visiting other colleges