Vehicle Repair Schedule

See Vehicle Repair FAQ for more/contact information

Monday - Thursday Morning Lab Repairs (2nd Year Students) When Instructor
Air conditioning, lack of heat concerns, blower fan, compressor, evaporator, condenser, heater core, etc. August thru Mid-Sept Corrente/Schwanz
Engine repairs, oil leaks, coolant leaks, engine noises, engine replacement, head gasket, timing belt, etc. Mid Sept/ October Schwanz/Corrente
Engine performance concerns, Check Engine light on, engine runs rough, misfires, stalls, doesn’t start, fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injector cleaning, exhaust repairs, etc. November/ December Corrente/Schwanz
Any and all work that students have prior training, call the 2nd year students in the lab for details. Work done on Monday afternoon only. August thru December Daniels/Schwanz
Automatic transmission diagnosis, service, repair, or replacement January to March Daniels/Schwanz
Anti-lock brakes, traction control, air suspension, automatic suspension systems, stability control system, etc. January to March Schwanz/Daniels
Clutches, manual transmission, drive axle service, CV joints/boots, u-joints, axle/differential repair, 4WD, wheel bearings, etc. March thru May Schwanz/Daniels
Diesel drivability concerns and maintenance, hybrid vehicle concerns March thru May Daniels/Schwanz
Any and all work that students have prior training, call the 2nd year students in the lab for details.  Work done on Monday afternoon only. January thru May Daniels/Schwanz
Monday Evening/Tuesday-Thursday Afternoon Lab Repairs (1st Year Students) When Instructor
Oil changes, tire service, replace external light bulbs, wiper blades, transmission fluids service, etc. August thru Mid-Sept Moy/Daniels
Brakes and wheel bearings (does not include antilock brakes) Mid Sept/ October Daniels/Moy
Alignment, struts, tie rods, ball joints, shocks, power steering, steering racks, steering column, tires, wheel bearings, etc. November/ December Daniels/Moy
Battery, starter, alternator, inside/outside lights, gauges, power lock, windows, mirrors, and seats, window defogger, air bags, factory anti-theft systems, cruise control, etc. January thru March Moy/Corrente
Coolant flush, water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses, serpentine belt, engine mechanical testing, Check Engine light, engine tune-up, spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coils, etc. March thru May Corrente/Moy
Brakes, steering & suspension, wheel alignment, oil changes, trans service. Work done on Thursday evenings only. January thru May Corrente/Moy