Legal Administrative Professional

Legal Administrative Professional video

Program Number: 10-106-3
School Year: 2015-2016
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Campus*: Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac, West Bend

Program Description

The Legal Administrative Professional program prepares students to provide client services; produce and coordinate legal communications, documents and information; and organize and maintain files. The coursework focuses on concepts, procedures and skills specific to the legal environment.

Individuals interested in this career are detail-oriented, have strong communication skills and enjoy working with others.

Graduates are employed in private law firms, the court system, government offices, financial trust departments or private industry. They work in a variety of law fields including bankruptcy, business and corporate, criminal, divorce and family, government, trademark and copyright, real estate, civil litigation, tax law, and estate planning.

Statewide Median Salary for Recent Graduates

  • $33,287

Approximate Costs

  • $128.40 per credit (resident)
  • $192.60 per credit (out-of-state resident)
  • *Online students are not charged out-of-state fees.

Program Outcomes

  • Establish individual code of professional ethics.
  • Apply legal research, concepts and terminology skills to assigned tasks.
  • Produce correspondence and documents.
  • Transcribe dictation.
  • Perform office and legal billing procedures.
  • Apply organizational skills.
  • Facilitate communication of legal matters.
  • Manage storage and retrieval of legal documents.
  • Compose legal correspondence.
  • Assemble legal portfolio.

Career Opportunities

  • Legal Administrative Professional/Legal Assistant
  • Government Secretary
  • Legal Administrative Professional - Private Industry
  • Legal Administrative Professional - Financial Trust Department
  • Receptionist
  • Program Assistant

Admission Process

  • Submit the college admission application.   
  • Submit the $30 one-time fee.   
  • Submit high school and other official college transcripts.   
  • Take the college assessment test (ACCUPLACER, ACT or other). The ACCUPLACER assessment can be taken at MPTC.   
  • Attend a program orientation with your advisor.   
  • Check with Admissions if any additional steps are required.   

Please visit the Admissions page for general information.

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Number Title Crs
Term 1
103-159 **Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office 1
106-120 Document Formatting 1
106-163 Database and Spreadsheet Essentials 3
106-178 Legal Office Professional 3
106-181 Document Standards and Expectations 3
801-136 English Composition 1 3
890-101 **College 101 2
Total 16
Term 2
106-121 Advanced Document Formatting 1
106-135 Business Technology and Innovation 3
106-164 Business Applications for Microsoft Office 3
106-167 Legal Processes and Systems 3
106-182 Document Management 3
801-196 Oral and Interpersonal Communication 3
804-107 College Mathematics 3
Total 19
Term 3
106-101 Customer Service Essentials 3
106-111 Business Communications 3
106-175 Legal Documents Production 1 2
106-176 Legal Documents Production 2 2
809-195 Economics 3
809-196 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total 16
Term 4
101-184 Principles of Accounting 3
106-169 Law Office Applications 3
196-189 Team Building and Problem Solving 3
809-166 Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application 3
809-199 Psychology of Human Relations 3
Total 15
Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements 66

Exit Assessment

Completion of 106-169 Law Office Applications is the exit assessment graduation requirement for this program.

Institutional Requirements

** The credits for 103-159 Computer Literacy-Microsoft Office and 890-101 College 101 are Institutional Requirements for graduation. Consequently, they are not part of the program credit requirements.

Academic Planner

Transfer Opportunities

Check out the Credit Transfers page for more information.

Additional Information

*Enrollment may limit the campus availability or delivery of certain courses.

Students with keyboarding experience take a keyboarding placement/advanced standing test prior to enrolling in Document Formatting (106-120). After completing Document Formatting, students enroll in Advanced Document Formatting (106-121).

Students with no keyboarding experience will enroll in the Keyboarding course (106-103) prior to enrolling in Document Formatting.

Students can earn both the Administrative Professional and Legal Administrative Professional associate of applied science degrees in only five terms by following the Dual Degree Administrative Professional and Legal Administrative Professional academic planner.

For co-curricular activities and opportunities related to this program/certificate, click here.