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Motorcycle/Scooter Basic Rider Course (BRC)

Whether you have never ridden before or already are an experienced rider, Moraine Park Technical College’s hands-on Basic Rider Course is a terrific way to learn the basics of operating a motorcycle, improving your skills and making wise judgments when riding. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is the internationally recognized developer of the comprehensive, research-based, Rider Education and Training curriculum used in our course. We provide beginning and returning riders with hands-on experience in the basic skills of riding a motorcycle or scooter: straight-line riding, turning, shifting, braking and the mental skills needed for control. We provide the motorcycles too!

WisDOT Pre-requisite: Within 30 days before class starts, each student is required to complete the MSF Basic eCourse. The Certificate of Completion must be printed and brought to the first day of the class in order to participate. The certificate expires 30 days after completion. Do not complete the eCourse earlier than 30 days before the first day of class. It is recommended to allow one week to complete the eCourse. To complete the eCourse go to

  • Estimated total completion time: 3 hrs.
  • Computer Requirements:
    • Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer-only version 10 and up
    • Most current version of Adobe Flash Player
    • Printer to print the required certificate of completion
  • For technical support: call 949-727-3227, ext 3158
  • MSF e-course fee is $19.99

Moraine Park Technical College BRC

  • A complete entry-level, learn-to-ride class (experienced riders will benefit from this course as well)
  • Complete in just one weekend OR in a Monday through Thursday weekday course.
    • Weekends: Friday 5pm–8pm, Saturday 8am–5pm, Sunday 8am-1pm
    • Weekdays: Monday through Thursday
      • Mornings – 8am to noon, or
      • Evenings – 5pm to 9pm
  • Very experienced MSF and WisDOT certified rider coaches.
  • Small class size:
    • 8 students maximum allows for more individualized attention.
    • Emphasis on learner-centered activity promoting heightened awareness of riding within limitations of the rider, motorcycle, and riding environment.
  • Includes at least 15 hours of formal training consisting of:
    • Approximately five hours devoted to learning activities in the classroom.
    • Around 10 hours of hands-on experience on the practice range.

Students successfully completing this course are awarded:

  • Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Authorization
    • Waives the riding portion of your Wisconsin DMV motorcycle endorsement test
  • BRC course completion card
    • May provide insurance discounts – contact your insurance agent

Other important information:

  • A Motorcycle Instruction Permit (temps) is not required.
  • A Wisconsin picture ID is required.
  • Participants under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver form in the presence of a Moraine Park staff person or a Notary Public before class begins.
  • The BRC is open to Wisconsin residents 15 1/2 years of age or older.
    • The minimum age to apply for a Wisconsin DMV Motorcycle Instruction permit is 16.
    • For Proof of enrollment in our BRC, contact MPTC at 920-924-3306.
  • MPTC Provides Motorcycles – Students are required to use our motorcycles.
    • We also have a maximum of two 125cc automatic transmission scooters available for each course. To reserve a scooter, select a CRN No. under the Scooter Section.
    • To participate in the riding portion of the course, students must be physically capable of handling the motorcycles or 125cc scooters provided.
    • Students will be shown the motorcycles and scooters during the first class session to determine if they can physically manage the training bikes. Students who believe they cannot do so may withdraw, but must do so during that first class session to be eligible for full reimbursement.
  • MPTC provides all books and materials.
  • Classes meet rain or shine
  • Riding gear required on the first day of class:
    • Helmet – 3/4 to full face – Half helmets will not be allowed
    • Full-fingered gloves
    • Above the ankle boots
    • Long sleeve shirts, Long pants
    • Eye protection
    • MPTC can also supply a helmet, gloves, and safety glasses for students that do not own them.

Motorcycle Rider Course 816-400
Fond du Lac Campus, Room B129

OfferingMotorcycle Rider CRNScooter Rider CRNCosts*CreditsDatesDaysTimes
816-4003130431326$260.800.404/07/17F5:30 PM-8:25 PM
04/08/17S8:00 AM-4:55 PM
04/09/17U8:00 AM-1:55 PM
816-4003130531329$260.800.404/21/17F5:30 PM-8:25 PM
04/22/17S8:00 AM-4:55 PM
04/23/17U8:00 AM-1:55 PM
816-4003130631331$260.800.404/28/17F5:30 PM-8:25 PM
04/29/17S8:00 AM-4:55 PM
04/30/17U8:00 AM-1:55 PM
816-4003130731333$260.800.405/01/17-05/04/17MTWR8:00 AM-11:55 AM
816-4003130831334$260.800.405/05/17F5:30 PM-8:25 PM
05/06/17S8:00 AM-4:55 PM
05/07/17U8:00 AM-1:55 PM
816-4003130931335$260.800.405/08/17-05/11/17MTWR8:00 AM-11:55 AM
816-4003131031336$260.800.405/12/17F5:30 PM-8:25 PM
05/13/17S8:00 AM-4:55 PM
05/14/17U8:00 AM-1:55 PM
816-4003131131337$260.800.405/15/17-05/18/17MTWR8:00 AM-11:55 AM
816-4003131231338$260.800.405/19/17F5:30 PM-8:25 PM
05/20/17S8:00 AM-4:55 PM
05/21/17U8:00 AM-1:55 PM
816-4003131331339$260.800.405/22/17-05/25/17MTWR5:00 PM-8:55 PM

To Register:

If you’ve taken a course at MPTC before, you can register online via your myMPTC account. You can also register in person, by phone or by mail. Please see for more information or contact our Student Services Call Center at 920-924-3207.

Payment / Withdrawal/Refund Policy
MSF E-Course
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Class schedules and fees are subject to change without notice and are not to be considered as contractual guarantees for any course.