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Training and Professional Development

Moraine Park encourages staff development through a variety of training and professional growth activities. During orientation, new employees receive a “Professional Development Plan.” The plan is individualized for the employee’s role and job within the College, and may include:

  • Faculty Academy – series of seven workshops scheduled throughout the year that focus on best teaching practices that relate directly to the classroom, curriculum, and/or teaching.
  • Leadership Development Series – customized package of workshops spanning twenty topics that are designed to assist managers in developing essential managerial and leadership skills.
  • SkillSoft – Access thousands of courses and simulations on a wide range of relevant information technology, business skills, computer desktop skills and compliance subjects.
  • Professional Development Days – Concentrated slate of offerings scheduled over 3 – 4 days, twice a year. Employees network, catch up on department news and select from a variety of seminars, workshops, and training opportunities.
  • Technology Training – software, hardware and system training to prepare employees to use the various technologies housed within the College.