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Credit for Prior Learning by Exam Policy

Credit for Prior Learning by Exam is a means for students to earn credit for a course to fulfill degree requirements by successfully passing a comprehensive examination administered by the college. The exam assesses skills and knowledge of specific course content and is a substitute for completing the usual requirements of a course.

Students may attempt Credit by Exam if they:

  • Have extensive high school work above the normal curriculum that may deem taking a similar MPTC course redundant.
  • Have developed the competencies via work experience.
  • Have taken similar coursework at another college and cannot transfer the credit but can demonstrate the competencies.
  • Have taken similar courses in an apprenticeship, vocational, civil or military training program.

Guidelines for taking Credit by Exam (Please Read Carefully):

  • Register and pay credit fees prior to testing.
  • The 2017/18 exam fee is $50.00 (per exam).
  • This fee is non-refundable. If the exam is not passed, this fee is nontransferable and the student will
    still need to enroll and pay in full for the course.
  • Exams must be taken at least one month prior to the first day of the semester. Testing is not allowed
    once the semester has begun regardless of class start date. (This deadline protects a student’s
    financial aid and course schedule.)
  • Credit for Prior Learning by Exam can only be attempted one time per course.
  • Students cannot have a “No Credit” or previously recorded grade for the course.
  • Credits awarded through credit for prior learning will not be used to calculate Grade Point Average.
  • Credits earned by exam will not count in that semester’s financial aid credit load. Successfully
    earned credits by exam will count as credits attempted for financial aid Satisfactory Academic
    Progress (SAP).

How to obtain Credit for Prior Learning by Exam:

  1. Meet with your advisor.
    • Your advisor will discuss your options, timelines, and necessary steps and provide study
      guides and competencies for the course.
  2. Your advisor will provide you with a signed document to continue the process.
  3. Register and pay for credit fees.
    • Register for exam with Joely Magana. Contact 920-924-3118 or
    • Pay for credit fees at student services.
  4. Take the exam on your scheduled date.
    • You will receive an email with your exam results. (Results may take up to 2 weeks.)
    • These results will also be sent to the Registrar’s office to be posted to your records and to
      your advisor.
  5. Meet with your advisor to discuss the exam results, revise your schedule, or review next steps.