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Credit for Prior Learning

Advanced standing (credit for prior learning) is the granting of credit in an associate of applied science degree or technical diploma program for knowledge or skills directly related to the program curriculum. Credit may be granted based on proficiency gained through work experience, military experience or training, business/industry training, coursework completed at other institutions (including high schools with articulation agreements in place) or other prior learning experiences. Advanced standing (credit for prior learning) is awarded based on the following methods:

EXAM = 30% of tuition value rate per credit is charged for administration of challenge exams for advanced standing credit, nonrefundable /nontransferable if credit is not awarded

Occupational Experience = $30 processing fee per course must be paid in full to initiate the occupational credit evaluation. Evaluation of military experience is exempt from processing fee.

Transfer of credit = No fee is charged for transfer of credit.

Credits awarded through credit for prior learning will not be used to calculate GPA.

Credits earned by exam will not count in that semester’s financial aid credit load. Successfully earned credits by exam will count as credits attempted for financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Credit for Prior Learning by Exam

Students want to earn credit by exam if they:

  1. have extensive high school work above the normal curriculum that may deem taking a similar MPTC course redundant
  2. have developed the competencies via work experience
  3. have taken similar coursework at another college and cannot transfer the credit but can demonstrate the competencies
  4. have taken similar courses in an apprenticeship, vocational, civil or military training program.

View the Policy and Steps for Credit for Prior Learning by Exam

View Eligible Courses for Credit for Prior Learning by Exam

View Test Schedule and Additional Exam Information

Credit for Prior Learning through Occupational Experience

Students can request an evaluation of their skills gained from work experience, military service or other training courses. They should be prepared to present documentation of these experiences. A written statement may be required to document occupational skills attained.

Contact the program dean for inquiries regarding Occupational Experience.

Transfer Credits from College

Moraine Park accepts post-secondary credits from North Central accredited colleges, Wisconsin Technical College System colleges, and USAFI credits with a “C” grade or higher for course content similar to a Moraine Park course. Granting of transfer credit is at the discretion of the dean and cannot exceed the number of credits designated for the similar Moraine Park course.

Call 800-472-4554 and ask to speak with an Admission Counselor about transfer of credits.

Transfer Credits from High School

High school students may earn technical college or advanced standing credit by successfully completing certain high school courses. Find out more about Career Prep and Youth Apprenticeship Courses.

For questions on transfer of credits, please connect with your advisor.