Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC)

An advisory committee who will promote and support environmental initiatives serving as a resource to the college and community. By recommending policies and projects that will escalate our social responsibility and increase commitment to the ideals of environmental sustainability.
Vision Statement
We are dedicated to ensuring resources are utilized with fiscal and environmental responsibility.

Moraine Park has…

  • Purchased hybrid fleet vehicles
  • Implemented the use of Green Seal certified products on-campus
  • Facilitated the use of reusable mugs in the cafeteria, including a discount on each fill (mugs are available from campus bookstores)
  • Promoted the Green Energy Summit as a college sponsor
  • Using LEED certified construction principles
esc logo green energy summit esc biking esc energy trailer esc mug

Partnering with the college community…

  • Alliant Energy: GMC 3500HD truck donation, Substation training
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association: Partnering to offer energy conservation seminars
  • Mobile Energy Training Center: Inform, educate and encourage the use of new and evolving alternative energy sources
  • We Energies: Substation training and certification

How else can Moraine Park positively impact our environment? Complete a Talk2Us form to let us know!