MPTC Experts List

Whether you're local media seeking a twist on a national story, or national media looking to add more information from an expert in the field, count on Moraine Park for insight and knowledge on topics ranging from the state of the economy to health issues to culinary trends and the latest technology and engineering.

These experts from the Moraine Park faculty and staff have agreed to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise. Please call the Marketing area at 920-924-3277 or email to contact a Moraine Park expert. This directory is updated as new contact information becomes available.

Meet our Experts

Name Title Topic
Michele Adams Safety Manager Safety in the workplace
Amy Anderson Counselor Stress management; trauma and learning; poverty and learning; test anxiety; behavior management; motivation consulting; transpersonal counseling-spiritual and emotional wellness
Marcia Arndt Associate Dean of Manufacturing Manufacturing; trends in manufacturing
Bonnie Baerwald President, Moraine Park Leadership; strategic planning; history of career and technical education in the Wisconsin Technical College System; federal and state legislation and funding; education; workplace training
Cindy Bernhard Business Instructor Business management; business practice firm
Nancy Bertram Surgical Technologist Instructor Practices of surgical technologists; surgery team member roles; evaluation of sterile techniques
Rhonda Bird-Roehrig Careers Instructor Careers; career development; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Eileen Bouchard Barber/Cosmetology Instructor Topics in barber/cosmetology; hairstyle trends and tips
James Brace Associate Dean of Human Services Corrections; adult prison system; prisoner reentry programs; inmate recidivism
Larry Clark Welding Instructor Welding processes; metal fabrication
Stanley Cram Vice President, Student Affairs History and functions of student affairs in higher education; student career planning and placement; homeland security communication through amateur radio; photography.
Tom Endejan Culinary Arts Instructor Artisan breads; cakes; pastries
Renae Fischer Academic Advisor Nontraditional occupations
Timothy Flaherty Traffic Safety Instructor Traffic safety; speeding; inattentive driving; Operating While under the Influence
Dominic Garofalo Web Development Instructor Information Technology; web design and development
John Gloede Emergency Medical Services Instructor CPR; Emergency Medical Services-related topics; work place violence training
William Green Diversity Relations Coordinator Diversity relations
Debora Gross American Sign Language Interpreter Interpreting American Sign Language
JoAnn Hall Dean, Economic and Workforce Development Economic; workforce development
Joe Halter Social Science Instructor Economics; ethics
Sandra Kirchner Nursing Simulation Specialist Healthcare Simulation
Christopher Kleman Instructional Technology Specialist Video conferencing, audio/video and general aviation
Dwane Klostermann Clinical Laboratory Technician Instructor Transfusion medicine; phlebotomy
Paul Kwiecinski Social Science Instructor Economics; small businesses; marketing
Scott Lieburn Dean of Students Student conduct; behavior intervention; Phi Theta Kappa; student life and activities; student veterans association; military
Michael Melaney Electricity Instructor Electricity; electrical contracting; safety
Beth Mendoza Director of Talent Management Recruiting and retaining employees; appreciative inquiry; emotional intelligence; conflict resolution; mentoring; diversity
Gregory Mittelstaedt Academic Advisor Certified StrengthsQuest facilitator; sports and action photography
Timothy Moy Automotive Instructor Automotive topics; answering consumer questions
Stephanie Murre Wolf Office Technology and Business Applications Instructor Traditional, online, video-conference and blended classrooms; curriculum writing
Iolanda Oliva Social Science Instructor Psychology; infant and adult attachment and bonding; child development; family services and dynamics; health psychology; social welfare; human relations
Brenda Raad Counselor Counseling; psychology; leadership; stress and wellness; anxiety; grief; relationship issues; men in counseling; poultry science
Pete Rettler Dean of the West Bend Campus Distance learning; online learning; instructional technologies
Jerry Richards Chief Information Officer Enterprise systems; computer networks; document imaging; computer portals; security; wireless technology
Mark Schmidt Water Quality Instructor Water quality technology; water treatment plant operations and optimization; the hydrologic cycle; water conservation
Jenny Wagner Career Pathway Coordinator Career Clusters; Career Pathways; K-12 partnerships