A bequest in a will is a popular deferred giving option because it provides estate tax benefits. There are four types of bequests:

Restrictive bequest
restricted for a specific purpose
Unrestrictive bequest
flexible because it can be used for the college's greatest need
Endowed bequest
allows the fund principal to be preserved and the income to be used for specific purposes
Contingent bequest
names MPTC as a contingent beneficiary in case the initial beneficiary predeceases the donor. Naming MPTC as a contingent beneficiary is a way to ensure that assets do not get caught up in probate.

Benefits to You

Gifts made to the Moraine Park Foundation are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law, and by planning a gift to Foundation through your will, it provides you with the opportunity to make a substantial future gift to MPTC.