The "FACT" Initiative

The FACT Initiative (Forming Alliances to Cultivate Talent) aims to strengthen the appeal of manufacturing related careers within the Moraine Park district, grow enrollment at Moraine Park Technical College within manufacturing programs, and expedite transition time from degree to workforce while providing area manufactures with direct access to students enrolled in those fields. By doing so, we create a full circle solution that provides benefits to all involved - the students, businesses, and Moraine Park Technical College.

Statement of Need

With several local, state and nationwide social and economic realities including: a) deficiency in middle-skilled workforce, 2) labor shortages due to retirement in the next 10-15 years, and 3) post-secondary education completion rates an increasing challenge, we know that there is much work to be done. Manufacturers stand to lose the most in coming years due to retirement, and are already faced with substantial deficit of qualified workers. When coupled with community wide misconceptions about what advanced "manufacturing" careers actually look like, it is evident that the entire community needs to band together to identify solutions aimed at addressing these major challenges. The Moraine Park Foundation has worked hard to ensure that The FACT Initiative parallels and strengthens existing community, district and statewide initiatives.

Endorsement of Need

"The FACT Initiative is a key component to the City of West Bend's strategy to address the needs of present and future employers. In today's world, the most critical component of economic development planning revolves around the availability of skilled workers and this initiative takes a big, positive step toward attaining that. - T.J. Justice, Director Economic & Community Development, city of West Bend

"All indicators point to the fact that over the next ten years one of the most challenging tasks for area employers will be the recruitment of individuals with the skills needed for many of the manufacturing related jobs. The FACT Initiative not only addresses this critical need, it provides an incentive for prospective employees to obtain the necessary training to develop these valuable skills. Employers will be quick to realize the advantage of this specialized education and will line up with job offers in hand." - Joe Reitemeir, President/CEO, Fond du Lac Association of Commerce.

The FACT Scholarship Fund

The Moraine Park Foundation has created the FACT Scholarship Fund for the main purpose of enticing students to enroll full-time in manufacturing programs, as well as incentivize them to complete their degree by offering performance based rewards. The Fund will focus specifically on the following:

  • Recruitment

In an effort to increase enrollment and expedite degree completion, the FACT Fund would offer scholarship assistance to students who enroll full-time in a manufacturing related program.

  • Retention

We know that one of the main factors for students leaving prior to graduation is due to "lack of available financial resources." In an effort to ensure that we aren't losing students midway through degree completion, we would offer a second year scholarship to returning, full-time students.

  • Workforce Readiness

Additionally, all businesses who participate in the program would be encouraged to offer a summer/semester internship program so that students can enhance their classroom knowledge with applicable working experience within their respective trades.

Donation Options

  • Print a pledge card and mail your gift to:
    Moraine Park Foundation
    235 N. National Ave.
    Fond du Lac, WI 54936
  • Call (920) 924-3225 with questions