System Portfolio & Feedback

As an AQIP college, Moraine Park submitted its latest Systems Portfolio in June 2013. The Portfolio addresses all nine AQIP Criteria, describing processes, results and improvements in each system. An AQIP team of trained reviewers, experienced in continuous systems improvement, conducts a Systems Appraisal. Teams include peers from an assortment of different types of institutions, as well as representatives from outside higher education.

Reviewers provide formal evaluation and feedback in the Systems Appraisal Feedback Report. Analysis is presented in summary rubrics for public information and in a confidential report for the institution containing detailed, actionable comments and explanations.

Based on feedback received in the 2005 report and the last comprehensive site visit by PEAQ in 1995, Moraine Park has made several improvements to the 2009 Portfolio, including addressing suggestions made by the AQIP reviewers. Improvements have been detailed in the latest Systems Portfolio which remains a living document representing Moraine Park's commitment to continuous improvement.

Moraine Park will host a Quality Check-Up Site Visit October 23-25, 2013. Moraine Park entered into its first Reaffirmation of Accreditation cycle in 2007. A summary was provided to a team of AQIP reviewers that discussed Moraine Park's continuous improvement activities. Moraine Park received official notification from the Higher Learning Commission in March 2008 that the college will maintain accredited status until the next Reaffirmation in the 2014-2015 academic school year.

Documents related to Moraine Park's System Portfolio and feedback from AQIP can be viewed using the links provided below.

Current Systems Portfolio & Feedback Report

Quality Checkup

Archived Feedback Reports